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Music has always been the most important thing in my life, and I'm so lucky to be able to do the thing I love most every single day. 


My early exposure to music let me cut my teeth on the stage, and made me an expert in all things Classic Rock, which included falling in love with bands like The Beatles, The Eagles, Tom Petty, and Pink Floyd. 


In my years at Humber College I experimented with Jazz, Fusion, and Funk, exposing me to a world of different sounds, and furthering my versatility. 


The following years have allowed me to hone my craft and explore the depths of Top40 Pop, R&B and Motown.  Performing over 400 paid engagements over the last 4 years has given me a solid understanding of what is expected from those who seek out live music.  Whether I’m performing solo at the local pub, or with an 8-Piece band at your wedding or corporate event, you can rest assured you will be in capable hands.     

"Ross has a tidy set of gifts; the most natural of pop instincts, which lead him straight to hooks, a producer's ears, an arranger's brain, and that clean-cut boy-next-door image that can make him dangerous 'round the girls in the neighbourhood." - Rik Emmett of Triumph

"He'll be a rock star someday." - Ottawa Blues Musician, Robert Farrell 

Ross Burant 

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